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cam bean – slow and artistic lyrics


yo, i live in a city where there’s not a lot of creativity
just some brainwashed zombies following foot steps and pretend to be
happy and content with the life that they are living
nothing like a garden cuz i feel like they stopped digging
mainstream rappers are a fortnight cuz they too weak
think about it play it back and then you repeat
when i see you i feel weak guess you could call it sea sick
hear what you say i just wanna laugh it is so comedic
i’m too ill when i spill these rhymes that are instilled in my brain
mentally insane, i do this for my homie that just p-ssed away last year
death is something that i will never ever fear
recording on a 80 dollar mic up in my closet
still nasty like the water that be coming out the faucet
every time that i be rhyming they be yelling out bars
and you just come up short like t-rex arms
any track i’m on i smash word to lu forigno
i go hard as a rock yeah shout out fred flintstone
feeling fully loaded when i’m flowing like a fire arm is though
3rd eye wide i’m elevated and i’m lifted
my minds so twisted but they saying that i’m gifted
so musically sound man it is way too wicked
i’m convicted and conflicted in my brain
i am more concerned with others i don’t need a chain
you can waste ya money imma give mine away
while you all sleeping imma be wide awake
every time i write it’s like i just know what to say
i’m gone