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cam senses – rigamortus (remix) lyrics


god d-mn!

feel like jason todd
cause i just hate the frauds
oh yeah, i’m taking off

[verse 1: cam senses]
it’s blasphemy
if you talking back to me
guess you never herd it, like you let the cattle leave
wish i had aleeve
or i had a beat
cause i’d rip it apart
similar to going swimming with sharks
breaking bad like i was walter white
a bright kid on dark beats, yeah i alter light
my town, step on the premises, and i’ll off your life
you should know sense in this
and i don’t play games like a genesis
just my presence is a present, the living gift
i’m the legend to the peasents, who’s sick of the b-tching kids
trying to put emphasis
on some trash rap
take how far the game’s gotten and backtrack
uc’s the rat pack
i’m the rapper with his backpack
in school
still hold you over a cliff like the fiscal
on my laptop, making beats or guiding missiles
shit, both will make me blow up
so what
just because i’m soning rappers, still don’t mean i am a grown up
i still ain’t giving no f-cks
while i’m in the civic whipping donuts
probably burning rubber
life’s got ups and downs like churning b-tter
this my last shot like i heard the buzzer

oh you thought i was done? f-ck no

[verse 2]
when this drop, you got a nervous reaction
scared of the words, you kept the perks in the cabinet
you say you the plug, but i’m the serge and i’m laughin’
direct with the flow, a f-ckin’ surgeon in action
the kid drop, a verse and he snappin’
i stick to the words with a p-ssion
you only get a third of a ration
road to the riches, you just swerved till you crashin’
so tell me who next as hard
cuz y’all tender, won’t swipe right without a debit card
i could k!ll your tape with just 11 bars
in the stu is where the weapons are
this shit was only an accident
god-like verses, i’m the holy antagonist
shit, i’m too facetious
we really in the game, you choose the bleachers
god on my side, tell me who defeats us
that’s so real, feel it through ya speakers
yeah, my life a movie, y’all just lucid dreamers
even my idols want to do a feature
but we tell em, get your bars up
cause we ain’t on basic shit like uggs & starbucks
i gotta say rest in peace
due to the complexity
when i bless a beat
hold up, blasé just texted me
ugly god for a feature? boy, yes indeed
whoops, wasn’t supposed to say that
guess we just been fortunate like, pat sajak
heard some local rappers, and i know that they mad
cause i’m the only dark knight without, a mask
and i got the team, tell them where to aim at
and they coming, at ya throat
mero blow smoke like a navajo
blasé over there, probably snatch ya hoe
will the dj, so what he scratch is dope
tell kendrick, i don’t have control
cuz i stayed in my lane like a fashion show
but if you don’t f-ck with us, then you have to go
d-mn, cam is so irrational