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cameron butler – zeal lyrics


eyes glued to the green
true indeed, you dudes ruining the scene
the steez rude but smooth and clean
bayce chasing for the check
for hate never wasting breath
clever and great with the left

brace ya bae to get swept the
crew saying he next up
move to safety or take a spanking to the rectum
wreck in seconds, the best you reckon, guess is correct
lept into the depths of ventricles to prevent some debt

deaden bets against him to raking in paper merrily
await the day i’m wasted by same haters that bury me
wavy to the grave, amazing maker of the rhymes
ancient in his ways, deflect complaining for the shine

taking all the time in the world to write a bar
adjacent to a crime the way he twirl the mic and spar
with the banging of the drums
hanging near the sun
cleared the scared ones away that are fearing what’s to come

optimistic though the past had me otherwise
bundled up and sigh, to her i’m just another guy
we’ll save that conversation for a later date
gotta have solid confirmation for me to play to mates

days skating, no company besides
contemplating changing my behavior since i’m lame and shy
usually inside, what’s dooming me is pride
foolishly -ssuming led to the removal of some ties

preserving what i think to type in rhythm on a pad
deserted from the brink of living grim mixed in sad
in hopes for a future where desires are fulfilled
and the moping moods are muted in entirety and stilled

thrilled as the moment comes for us to take the reins
to reveal corruption of those reluctant to change the lane
destination to a better place, til then i’ll sit and meditate
we’re ready for the revolution, tell us when to set a date