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cameron j – it’s alive lyrics


you n-gg-s have menopause, meaning you’ll never be fit to reproduce this
so i’m telling you men to pause or death is your peace like grim reaper’s deuces
i murk every verse and you could never rehe-rs- this
get it? rehe-rs-? as in repeat my verse
or beat the beat into the seat of a he-rs-
i’m cursed to disburse flames this tape is just de javu
i’m 2pac times three you n-gg-s aren’t fit to challenge me on these bars
but it’s because of he that i’ve reached this far
therefore i can’t go a whole project without properly paying homage to the artist who put hip hop up on my conscious
so holla if ya hear me
in the memory of 2pac shakur sincerely i wreck this beat
i have dreamed of stepping in the cleats of the elite
and repping the scene while competing on sheets
that’s what i desire to be
no life wire for the meek
just sit back and weep as i creep up on my ambitions as writer and a rider of beats
i aspire to be double you as if i represent the westside
even if you flip me on my side i’m still k!lling you with ease
let’s ride through the mind of a tyke who writes lines that make who’s he’s suppose to fight bug out like a pesticide
he wants to make you say he’s the best alive and brush rest aside
this record lies in his quest to find what lies inside
and rectify 13 by 5 minutes of time of spitting rhymes
just to justify his starry eyes
come meet demise and realize that i wasn’t born i was summoned all of a sudden
this is just a short introduction and insight into why all of my bars are disgusting
and while we’re discussing other guys in this rap function
while their mouths’ are running their mic shouldn’t even function
as a hip-hop lover it makes me wanna make them hover and discover the holy mother’s eyes
as bars mars their pride
and send em to the morgue and free mankind from ever hearing their voice overs
call it war of the worlds
unfurl the atlas and use it as a napkin as i’m snackin on gamma ray hurls
cause i’m a god maker
think it’s a facade then caper this way and see your odds taper
as the verbal ak spray makes you apart of the holy trinity a holy ghost
feel like ali at his foremost post
ali bomaye
ali bomaye
walk up on the scene and leave every single thing pompeiied