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camille & esrimated – a&v lyrics


a and v (hey)
come hold on ( ey ey )
i‘m on the phone
one call ( yeah )
give me a chance (chance)
you livin a lie ( lie)
come on
hey hey hey hey
i can go and on on yeah
a star is born ( born)
and all these hoes gone ( hoe )
you too scared to go ( hey hey hey )
blue and brown ( hey hey hey)
don’t look at me like a phone ( a , a , a yeah)
that b-tch mad
but she want to drive that benz too ( too)
stop livin a lie
come and get the bag
( bag yeah yeah )
you like to live alone ( lone )
finish mastrubating and come ( come come )
you eyes show everything
suck me dry ( hey ey hey)
with your family
no one safe no no no
drink wine on the tree b-tch i‘m at home
you brother tryna f-ck on the low
b-tch i see through you
daddy daddy tryna hide your sexuality
mommy ok now your turn
stop livin a lie
come and suck me ( ey ey )
come and call your whole family
( family)
like a group porn
i thought i was done
but i go on and on
the d-mn star is born
the family is overborn
tryna get more
( even more )
hey hey hey

back on road
tryna remember the night
how he c-m in mine
sold out pussy
sorry but thats not my fault
you better take a better look
after new york, he tryna do it again boy you better get head or i will get home
runnin back ( hey hey hey )
on a train station
workin hard to comeback
you better play my cousin
ride or die
you better shine
you better k!ll
almost at top 10 you tryna f-ck
tellin friends, you would bang
you thought it was done
my heart is a tone and down ( hey hey)
you can’t handle that big -ss bong
lookin like you scared broo
you better play safe bro