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cammy-kun – i wrote this after valentines lyrics


i didn’t name my song this to be cool, i swear, i literally wrote this three nights after valentines day

do anything to feel your touch
sorry if i’m a lil bit, too much
if time was all my revenue
then i would spend it all with you

verse 1
worship you just like a deity in a shrine
i gonna treat you like a diamond cave and make you mine
wanna give you everything while still in my prime
if lovin yous a crime, im gone do the time
i know that god exist, cuz he blessed me with you
like my own index funds, im gonna be invested in you
i hate when we’re apart and it’s my fault cuz i be working
i just hope that you still think that were worth it

verse 2
sitting by your side always seems to feel nice
when i leave your side, it never seems to feel right
i don’t got a heart but somehow you still steal mine
girl straight out my dreams i wonder if this real life
i’m so glad you exist, eveything that i have wished
pheromones i cannot resist, still get the scent from your lips
i’m addicted to your love, and without it, i might just relapse
so please just hold my hand so i can relax