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camoflauge monk – strawberry avenue lyrics


[intro: richard pryor]
see i lived through hard times before, like, people talking about “these is hard times;” hard times was way back! they didn’t even have a year for it, just called “hard times!”

[verse: skitso]
yo, hit up the block streets with glocks
peace watch i got these versace fleeks
sales [have got me?] karma, philosophy, monopoly schemes
jakes watching, clocking all my spots and
quit talkin’ [we?] photographically locked in
[y’all?] could could try to bring the swats in
in [drops?] with [?] shots blocks
monopolize [?] spots got marvelous [knots?]
chop up blocks on the yacht
we rich now
poppin’ cristal and p+ssed out, slap in the clip now
spit rounds let the fifth [bottle?] [?] sound
hollow+tipped shots will crack you open
leave your back smokin’
wrapped through in plastic, dropped in the ocean, left soakin’
mass appeal [elegance?] amazing
nine double+m blazing
scorchin’ the fame and [end your gaze and?]
i see right through these n+ggas, blast it
forty+cal stretch you like elastic
saw the fire when i blast it
[outro: biggie smalls, big l, jay+z, yo gotti]
the situation ain’t accidental
i flood the streets with drugs and clock dollars
young black and rich so they wanna strip me naked but
i was skippin’ school to get my sack right

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