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camquarter – trust issues lyrics


[verse 1]

i feel the pressure
and it’s hitting me
pulling on my heart
all this come and finish me
feel like i been losing all my friends
and my energy
and add it to the list
cause i feel they turn to enemies

i feel like i been dropping my guard
and now you taking advantage
and now you going to far
had to get you a spot
for i get to the top
i can see how we getting along
you wasn’t doing wrong
how can i say this
when i kiss you it felt like a drug
slow touch
now you don’t wanna give me your love
bit much
come and hang with me
i don’t wanna see you on the phone
it ain’t the same to me
i do t wanna leave you all alone
why don’t you stay with me?
why don’t you stay with me?
now it’s clear to see
you ain’t never want a n+gga
you just flirting a tease
while i give you the peace
i don’t wanna hear the lies
never wanted to please me


i was feeling like the man
got me feeling like a ghost
go with everybody saying all this time
never trust a n+gga
she was down for a while
never trust a n+gga
got me looking the clown
never trust a n+gga
when she come around
shut it down
never trust a n+gga
she never trust a n+gga
ah, man

[verse 2]

not a cheater
she spotted me
i a dabbled with a female
and now it turns to comedy
your checking all my emails
and females i see now
that you ain’t ever trust me
i’m seeing how you move
tell the truth, it disgust me
but, imma keep it moving
i’m learning hot to drop
anything with the smoothness
i’m learning how to crop
anything getting ruthless
d+mn, now i’m scared to love
and the next girl that come
gon be hard to judge
cause i feel like i’m the end
imma hold a grudge, d+mn
cause my heart don’t budge d+mn, yea
got her sh+ll shocked
she ain’t come prepared for the kid
that’s a hard+knock life
girl no worry, you gon be alright
you just gotta be a freak all n+gga


i got trust issues, girl
you make me uncomfortable
i’m so done, i gave up on you
you got n+ggas
yea multiple
hit my line when i’m done wit you
i don’t want you
your vulnerable
waste my time, d+mn i’m such a fool
what got into you?

[verse 3]

bad timing
bad timing
ya home girl
over+styling, she rock climbing
she told you she got new assignments
but she was lying
what’s even worse
is i was trying to
but she just spend a hour driving
she so enticing
she eat me up and then she ride it
imma climb in
too bad i had to break the silence
my form of violence
i just had a talk with myself
all these hoes in my phone
who won’t leave me alone
they see the kid got the throne
and he made it his own
don’t feel the pressures
and if i did i shake ‘em off that’s why i left ya
better late then never
not much to say i’m glad we not together