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cam’ron – on top lyrics


you know if i happen to leave, man
you won’t see n-body cryin
it’s all good baby
how they say, i got mine
make sure you get yours
lemme run it down, tho

[verse 1:]
see your boy is tough, they applauding us
if i leave, don’t be sad, i been on tour wit puff
rapped with ma$e, busta, prodigy, and odb
lil wayne, baby, juve, biggie smalls smoked with me
threw a rope to me, ohio got smoke for me
maryland? dope for me! cubans sent c-ke to me
slept in mariah house, four seasons vivica
rikers isle, sixth building for me – prisoner
rode jets with kevin lyles
(got call from kevin childs)
forever style, did detroit, ’98, 7 mile
i was livin’ negative way before the record biz
but check the credits, 20 alb-ms, i produced, executive
consecutive! did songs with t.i. and his brother dro
club promoter? yep, for kanye, i booked a couple shows
and that ain’t 5% of my resume
that was only what i thought about yesterday

if i were to go away would you be good everyday?
or would you be strugglin’? boy, you gotta know
what i do is one thing, but you gon’ do your thing
just keep up the hustlin’, i know you can hold it
down down down down down down
you can hold it down down down down down[x3]
(you be good on your own)

[verse 2:]
see, i have my own liquor, homie sizzurp by the case load
cologne in macy’s baby, way before j-lo
paid in full co-star, thought i made my own point
k!lla season, spike lee, yeah i did my own joint
got the cream, did a magazine which we own
chill with bun b, pimp c., sweet jones
house in west palm, my address, bel air (fresh prince)
h-ll yeah! n-gg-s talk and talk, who the h-ll cares?
h-ll no! i done been a way long from welfare
selling dimes, chasin’ fiends, now i got a healthcare
understand it love fly high, kiwin dove
for my n-gg-s hands and hugs, wanna thank the man above


[verse 3:]
i done been round and round, housing down in every town
drivin round, when it come to weed, i sold five thousand pounds
ten thousand pills, fifty people up in a large line
couple hundred keys and please, that was part-time (one week)
been through some hard times, hard grind
right on the block ahk, sellin’ hard dimes
roll down my when it come to our hard shine
you’ll have a hard time
did italy, the kentucky derby
cursed out bill o’reilly, did 60 minutes dirty
share vip with michael jordan
mayweather-pacquiao fights, d-mn, your life is boring
award me this, by nature i’m the naughtiest
jarrett jack, kg, nate, had em on 40th, baby (lennox)