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cam’ron – sweetest lyrics


cam’ron: what you expect growing up on lenox man?
we old at a young age, n-gg-

[cam’ron: verse 1]
first blood died, then reg def
then big l k!lled, his brother lee next
weeyes, e stress, v next, late 90’s lynch mob, lou simms, squeeze texx
c2 died, pap lawdy gone (gone)
lawdy ma n-gg- i miss him, shot to lawdy moms
two 5, hefele 33rd, he got shot in mt vernon, it’s a dirty world
then grandpa jerry, his son theodore
ma neighbour, frieda, warnell too, jesus lord
r.i.p. mamsy, my boys bert an jazz, vernon an dj, ake man- first half
they shot me, word black no dirt nap
i thank god, henlo, the lam murf texx
it gets me bitter, forget d twitter i stay high and glitter
cause i miss my n-gg-s

you’re the sweetest thing i know
but then the rain blows cold
there’s no power on this earth
to separate us baby!

[cam’ron: verse 1]
no cosby show, rocky roads
so it’s f-ck haters, weirdos and c-cky hoes
i’m from lennox ave, shots fired, stop and roll
or shoot back and let him catch it like a common cold
we had common goals, but even mama knows
our drama goes obama with the llama, they dominoes
i’m brett favre, rather sorta like em
i took my cheeseheads on jets to see my vikings
i quarterback em, it’s more than rapping
few names won’t say, but i oughta slap em
they envious of the ambiance
guess it’s strenuous living with your mom and aunt
you thirty-something
yeah, thirty-something
no ki’s, pounds, towns on the curb he pumping
i’m top model, getting model top
i bust a nut like a bottle pop, mazel tov