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camzino – somebody else lyrics


[verse 1:]

put your trust in me, but i got trust issues
i’m still learning to love throughout my l-st issues
usually i don’t mess with broken hearts
but i gamble, so i learned to deal with all these risky cards
what do you search for?
use to hold on but that hurts more

lately i been my thinking bout my previous
you the only person that taught me to fight my demons
late night you just pull up on my mind girl you been creeping

i hear that you drink more?
maybe we should talk over tequilas
i’m just tryna kick it like it’s fifa
you got all the answers
still tryna find the balance this ain’t even
only time we never argued is when you sleeping
tell me what’s your goals now?
you had everything planned just a year ago
i swear those days went the fastest
i remember every single detail bout your life, it’s been a year though
i still love you regardless, it’s mad

[hook: x2]

girl we got way too deep now you tell me you’re not involved
since you been gone my love, my heart just been cold
tell me is there someone else baby
ftell in love with someone else baby
don’t do this with no one else