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cane – aroma lyrics


verse 1 (cane)
can i get alone with you, i just need a minute
you seem to fit and i am the future i see you in it
i know, you probably get this a lot though, it ain’t your fault tho
how you draw crowds like you made where’s waldo
no cuffin, but you break that law tho
now the case is closed
you super soakin and i made you so
that madulla got me going all waterboy, in that high quality h2o
and she way too cold, got that icebox
got a full back and that becky oshea, give me high top like spike got
my mind don’t stop, thinking of you when i’m gone
feel like i’m looping a song, you in your bag like louis vatton, when you put it on
2 in the morn, when you callin me over
wish you did sooner like oklahoma
but ok lets go, ima locate her home
deliver malone her, i give, i’m a donor

hook (visto)
aroma, aroma
sweet aroma
chocha wet as super soaker
call me over, call me over we can do….
“zou bisou bisou”

verse 2 (visto)
you my mamacita, but your skin from egypt
we gone smoke luigi, i’m gone dig in deeper
they say i f-cked ya good, they say i roll the best
backwoods to the chest, busting rounds but you don’t need a vest
see i feel it coming, i feel it coming on strong now
sexual healing like this a marvin g-ye song now
my lady marmalade brought the thing on home now
now it’s just me, and you, and all of this strong now
we drinking patron now
let’s get it on now
told me to slow it on down
the aroma of sex is the sound
supplex you to the ground
like it rough when we play around
d-gg-ng you like i’m from the pound
why do you gotta be so loud


verse 3 (cane)
got it bad like usher baby, maybe i’m just confessing
been running through my mind a lot, but lately you just undressing
step in with the freshness, this rapper, dapper dapper down
that brain so good she could have gave it with a cap and gown
back in town for the moment, wanna get up on it
living in the moment, own it, get in my zone and
put it in a coma, hit it in the morning
yeah i’m feeling like that
been a minute since i hit it like that
and i be k!lling that back, til i get her so loud they could get a contact
and i’m bout that life with you, no need to reconsider
i need your inner cuz you sweet like after eating dinner
we could spend the whole weekend doing everything you wanna
call me over, follow my nose every time i’m smelling that….