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cappadonna – help the brovas lyrics


help the brovas
got to keep getting this money
early bird catches the worm
still hungry
yes yes
need that paper on all levels man
ain’t n-body getting money like you
hold me down
straight up and down
f-ck a b-tch trying to eat
yo.. check it out

[verse 1:] [cappadonna]
beats is banging
yo its chunky in here
honeys is gorgeous, looking good
it’s funky in here
its beamed out, you might see a junky in here
wave rider, homicide houser blow blowser
my team is fresh like baby powder
step back
see through porches
clam chowder
creamed up
shiny boots
my mind is on thower
money love powder
i get beats
i knock them shits off in a hour
crazy air mikes
throw back as eddie bower
creamy felines in the executive tower
we crazy getting hours
more money, more sex, more love and hate
blind faith
without that cannon you not safe
i’m in a hoodie like trayvon
black colored face
bag full of scr-pes
we’re the slaves that escaped
new york state
heavy weight
hip hop cake
everybody else better move from the gate

[verse 2:] [amar divine]
yeah man
try to motherf-cking help who you can help
know what i mean
first of all you gotta make sure you can help yourself man
and with all these n-gg-s tryna keep a n-gg- down
that ain’t helping n-body
first of all get your own shit right
then talk about helping other n-gg-s get right
y’know what i’m saying [?]
we outstanding
we out standing on the block
watching everybody
probably wanna be a cop
you get a job
cause you’re not a hard rock
and n-gg- we don’t give a f-ck
about the jewels that n-gg-s got [f-ck that]
you like jewels well i’ll give you one to sell[?]
your image see through
and all your rhymes sound
now think about ways
to try and make some money
my alb-m’s wholesale
you can take a couple from me
and george’s moving like rocks
to get your money back
not time
invest them in stocks
on an uprise you can’t lose
you’d rather be tough guys with bad news
my n-gg-s right man
help the brovas
i ain’t gotta rep no
matter fact you gotta be careful who you rep these days
you help them get through certain levels
then they be like f-ck you
nah’mean yo f-ck you
i don’t trust n-body but god
straight up
straight up
what it be like
spliff star
i’m a soldier
and i’m strapped like the taliban
i’m in the streets
chasing nothing but these holograms
happy days motherf-cker
richie cunningham
i’m no snitch like nino
more like dunnaman
cain and abel days n-gg-
watch your brother man
she don’t love you
she lyin’
she with tha other man
this world’s f-cked up
and they accept that
little bad work n-gg-
i’ll stretch that
i gotta eat, got kids
got bills to pay
my chest alight
day and night
for that money made
cops looking for the kid
like i’m a runnaway
i’m like f-ck it gingerbread man
catch me when you can
help the brovas
[song fades to end]