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captain fray – highlights real lyrics


hide the kids, i’m breaking hymens and heinekins
flash lasers in their third eye irises, they surprised its their highness
shit, crises, the flights crash fast with a rain of tyrant piss
in light of this, i’ll admit it’s nice to be nuking cities while the’re nuking minute rice
you’re mennonites i’m men in black i’m taking no advice
i been wax on wax off since the first time i wacked off
yeah i’m mr. miyagi, kobra kai on my hitlist
they say they don’t care but i’m leaving them shitless
i’m a dragon and these b-tches fairies like they’re toothless
i’ve met snakes, y’all snails in the gr-ss, i’m going light speed for holy grails, skip the m-ss
jungle book of rhymes like tiger woods yeah we masters
leave the kkk shivering in sheets like they casper
lone ranger taunting with danger, ruling san antonio like we ’bout to catch the spurs
p-ss the herb, flow berserk, drink reserve, eat dessert, cop a perm
coppers squirm, they deserve the burn, flip the bird she eat my sperm
school then dismiss them like cl-ss adjourned, immune to these impurities like an amb-ssador
i’m a psychic these n-gg-s just l-ssiter, i think faster than any of these cr-p turd b-st-rds
you must have heard, i used to be the band nerd, now i flow wasabi, all they muster is mustard
i’m king arthur getting lettuce like buster
i’m that persian with the burgundy rug burn, chilling on my couch with my browns, making friends
with afghans and ottomans, i’m prouder than confidence anonymous, i’m spitting abcs like they’re reverse f-cking vitamins