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i invested a whole year on this mix, and i’m worried that it won’t work out
with out a doubt, the amount don’t matter, no, it’s your soul that counts
but i’m sheedin’ these tears an’ this blood
rivers runnin’ red but i feel the love
lookin’ for my purpose
lately i been buyin’ the mall ya feel me?

all i rock is yeezys now, do i really deserve it?
i mean, i earned it all, but why me
can people follow sounds with out seein’ the sight so blindly
so i’m sayin’ this shit subliminaly
just to make you think
‘cuz i’m lost on the path, just like the rest of us
this is truly the best of me
let my words attest to that

if i get murdered arrested over infested with drugs will you still love
an’ listen with p-ssion like my first track
so it’s never lookin’ back from here on out
i’ve got hundreds of songs and have yet to find the sound
but that’s okay
‘cuz i’m cto by night, bennett by day
but the goal is that you’ll remember any of the names
so i’ll never be lost in time

that’s why i take these signs when i see ‘em
anywhere is better than here
and any emotion is better than fear
‘cuz it holds you down
i been around the way
so my hits close to home
having anyone is better than being alone
like the dark of the moon
life is beautiful until depression consume you
rest -ssured i’m under control
but under pressure too

everyones under the impression that my musics never come’n
and i feel the pain
but every gain has loss
everything gotta cost
lately time will take it all
and it appears that i’m stalling
but i promise it’s real
so i hope and pray that you stick around
‘cuz i’m exhusted, will you save me from drownin’?
an’ help me find the way when i’m lost