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carbon casca – mamacita lyrics


[chorus: boka]
girl you know you hold me down
every time i come around
cocahina mamasita
you can’t tell how much i need you baby x2

[verse 1: boka]
baby, you know, i love, i love, i love x2 you
girl all i think about is you
i’m going crazy about you
ain’t no mistaking that’s the truth

don’t make me talk about your love
don’t make me talk about your hugs
you know i like the way you f#ck
way you give it to a thug

body looking like a feast
got me feel in like a beast
got a nikka on his his knees
can i get it pretty please

[chorus: boka]

[verse 2: tash]
you know i hold you down
with you i feel so fine
believe it ain’t no crime
my heart is in your hands
i believe in happy ends

i am the greatest of your fans
you are my number one
i’m right under your spell boy
tell me(×3) what have you done

[chorus: boka]

[verse 3: amylice]
boy you know you hold me down
i can’t help it you pin me down still heh!
you like a potion i can’t swallow
more like a million dollar
you got me going oooaa!
my everyday crush i can’t get enough
ngeafonga na’se stru!
angfone lutho xha!
u isoga laami it’s true!
angfone omonye xha!
you can call me mama
i’ll call you my papa
aiish that kinda’thing

[chorus + bridge breakdown: boka & amylice]

[chorus: boka]

[verse 4: ashley]
boy you know i’ll hold you down
i will never let you fall
your smile makes me wanna sing ulala!!!
imma hold it down for you
as long as you call me mamacita
i’m ready to get messy
and do all those things to impress you

[chorus: boka]