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carlisle jones – the title lyrics


verse 1:
i want the title, i don’t need a rival
i got joe with the rifle next to his bible
man f-ck your idol hip hops revival
i’m seeing money as just a pile
cause honestly it ain’t worth my time though
205 next to leave you frozen let it go
next level shit, soon they’ll open up the door
askin who i did this for, like me ain’t enough
ante up, take my bluff
been k!llin since aa made my games start up
i want the title, i just need a f-ckin rival
cause k!lling by myself is suicidal
i’ve met belial, check my vitals
never barehand a b-tch like the 12th trial
hip hop is in denial, not ready for my style
i get steps right for the extra miles
how much longer do i tell myself i’m gonna get it
admit it, once i see the light it will turn to lemon
i wish my story had a better ending, better ending

verse 2:
i want the title, i’m my only rival
your boy is makin waves and they all tidal
you got me rallied, remember openin for kyle
yeah hip hop has been defiled, by a step child
i’m picked my lane, we are not one in the same this fame is a game
i am the greatest and that’s logic
everybody wants all this
having a title is worthless
when all you want is a purpose
and i don’t know if you heard this
but no one can be perfect
at my heels i deserve this
waitin in line it’s my turn b-tch
i don’t want the title, it’s not for me
once you at top, down is all you see
and trust me when i see these people feeding off of me
i’ll ask how when i’m still so d-mn hungry
hip hop is money, sadly it’s lost it’s art
like it was fenway court, i’ll do my part
it’s like kano just took my heart, i’ll leave my mark
we at a covenant can’t touch my shit without an oven mitt
i’m p-ssing all this judgment

verse 3:
f-ck the title, its just a rival
no longer spiteful, i’m a child of hip hop’s survival
you failed my trial, gotta learn the ropes
even if you choke, it’s more mind than throat
b-tch you gotta hope, you stay in my scope
when i fire back, hit the deck
you’re all in check, this m-ss effect
makes me wonder if i come up next
will my loves ones disconnect
the idea makes me question it
if i get power can i get away from it
if i love it, can i savor it
i doubt i’m even made for it
no one knows the outcome
prepare yourself for the unknown
it seems that i am the only one
that sees greatest can’t be worn
take off the belt, you can have it
no reason to grab it cause i’m the only one worth havin
f-ck the title, i’m bad for it