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carmen martin – exhealing lyrics


i’m tired of trying to the be mans version of perfect cause on the outside i’m fitting the expectations but on the inside i’m falling apart all the stress to be perfect so i put in a front but its not really me can’t neva do anything wrong otherwise every one looks at me funny i’m tired of keeping my mouth shut cause a baby falling apart when i was being abused it was agene but i keep my mouth shut neva let anyone know but no matter the front i put on my grandma know i wasn’t the same she could see the pain in my eyes so when she had to go fly high it really was the breaking point cause after that a n-gga really became peoplephobic i couldn’t trust no one after ha cause i know they were all going to have to go a some point 2/21 my heart broke and could neva be the same hurting more on the inside then ever had no emotions after that 365 days trying to hide this mood disorder that causes this feeling of sadness so by 10 i was putting these feelings into my music it gave a feeling of relief things where starting to get better daddy came home became a band major i use to watch this movies and tv shows gave me the impression daddy post be the first n-gga to show you love so when mine got out i though thing would change but they lingered on don’t under stand the pain hearing someone tell you yo daddy anit claiming you bout really it anit make no since was locked up them 8 1/2 years shoudnt have tried to get to know me cause i anit ask for it but you did and now cause you and my mama got unresolved issues sh-t turn in to mine nothing i do is ever good enough but i’m doing good honor roll student and you can’t see it cause its yo way or no way to busy trying to rebel against my mother no one ever stopped to ask how it really make me feel so now and days when people ask i just keep silent and write cause that’s what i’m use to a n-gga been waiting so long to exhale and its really be relief