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caroline meade – a brief history of time lyrics


[verse 1]
oh, i’m too old to be this bold
too young to fit the mold
and too damaged for you to hold
and every night i go to sleep
thinking how little you love me
compared to how much you love yourself

but i don’t wanna be anything like you
oh, nothing ever came from being the loudest in the room
i look up to people who think before they speak
they told me “girl, you gotta look before you leap”

you say i look so fragile i could break
well maybe i wanna be so light i could fly away
to a better place
where we sleep only under starry nights
where none of our nights end in fights
do you know what it’s like
when none of these lyrics are old?
when i’m not too cold to hold?
do you know where to go?
can we go?
could we go?
could we go?
could we go?

and the time should go by fast but the days never seem to p-ss
and your brilliance holds me up but i just drown it all
i hate everyhthing the same
i hate the way you say my name
are we up against a wall?
stuck in the thrill of it all

i pray to god
oh, i shout at night when [?]
but what’s the use in a poor little prayer?
the news that say the world’s gone wrong
maybe you’re just stuck in this fishbowl you thought would hold up
mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
take me home
oh, i’m just too cold to hold
i don’t know where to go