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cartier hendrix – hahaha lyrics


aye jay punch me in

[verse 1: cartier hendrix]
put me in that box and i’m gone break it i been patient
n+ggas say they got hot
well i been blazing
who these n+ggas dissing writing records i’m amazing
i influenced all my n+ggas getting paper (getting pape)
we get money and we fly that’s why the hoes be all into it we drop records that’s gon hit
so now they saying that we stupid
we had motion we was younger
now we grown and we still moving
al these b+tches love a n+gga out the city who make music
bout that munyun
n+ggas know im’ destined for that cake (ffff fffff)
it don’t causе no stress to make a plate (bing bing)
shе know when she wit me it’s a date
designer on her feet i call her my prada bae

[verse 2: merino]
she like me in my prada bae like all the way
she like to drip on me she gon’ confiscate the proper way all i can say
is she a dime but she like it hardaway and i keep that fresh white girl in my sock
keep my business out of pocket cause i know they gon watch
no pressure baby do you like my watch
she said boy you got a big head baby you should see my c+ck (ugh)
reno pinot grigio the way yo girl sucks me up
deadpool you sew my mouth shut you ain’t gon shut me up
collard greens what i’m smoking give me all the cheese know you smell that cross+town backwoods just caught a breeze
micheal meyers when i’m in that p+ssy feel like halloween
nah please she like that i’m a star f+ck astrology
[verse 3: cartier hendrix & merino]
wanna see the stars baby ride with me
she hides from you to meet with me i do this sh+t so easily
my b+tches say they needing me she do that sh+t that’s pleasing me
she lying when she talk to you but say that sh+t she mean to me

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