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cas marlow – goof lyrics


[verse 1]
the end is near for f-gs
once the engineer of rap is sending fear with tracks
dispensing nina’s like twenty heaters
denting queers with gab
get mistreated i smash
you with a jeep of cretins deep in it packed
a den of thieves that’ll bash
you decrepit teens with a tank
but i’m keener to trap cliques with shots
like pits and rotts bit you up from the shins and socks
got you hitched and locked to a cinderblock
looking malnourished while i down crumpets
watching your body decay
recording it all day jacking off to a sloppy replay
got the ambulance called, picking you up
damaged and all, for a chance to a perform
treatment before you p-ss and you gone
and you won’t last long
i’m doing drive-bys on your hospital
with an elliot rodger mask on
burst at the premises, bullets swerve at the witnesses
who turn where the exit is
so i can perform surgery on you
before the nurse has injected sh-t
and dispersed all the medicines
might be mistrusting, slightly disgusting
driving a hundred knives in your stomach
letting the blood dry without sponging
i got more verses to hurt you all
than the cast of jersey sh-r- has more thirsty wh-r-s
than a herd of herbivores
explicitest, the sh-t i’m kicking is
sicker than licking the equivalent
of a b-tch cl-toris littered with bits of syphilis
motherf-cker, i’m sicker than eating out your grandmother
with jam smothered on her -ss and your d-mn rubber
breaks and leaves your -ss with a grand brother

[verse 2]
this is a bomb in rap, i’m back with no clue
itchin’ to beat the f-ck out a wigga
’til he goes black with no blue
carjacking diana ross dressed as santa claus
punching you in your adam’s apple
turning it to apple sauce
this is sh-t that i wrote bugged
unable to grow up, hit you with golf clubs
’til it goes f-cked and your skin looks like soap suds