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cas one vs figure – walking into the cult lyrics


they should’ve k!lled me
i am the enemy
i am the energy
i live in infamy
i’ve got this symmetry in me that wants to end the beginning
i flip my innards like i’m center of the universe
i feel the urge to spill the curse, burn the earth
and dump the ashes in an urn
synapsis flashing into action activate the advocate
patchwork kid building ships in a bottle
my ships set sail when i reach rock bottom
aw yeah, pick that poison
p-ss the cup around until we all join in
we’re all friends here, kid. we float on the daily
nobody will, nobody can, nobody try and save me
built a cult out of a wolf made with rabies
strange famous ‘til they hit me with that sawed off
on some “motherf-ck all y’all ‘til we all get all gone”
and i hope it ain’t long, i hope that world splits apart
so we can stick a sword through that universal heart
by the teeth of a beast, done rehearsing for the part
we pull the veins from the arteries and made the pain a part of me
to part the seas and give the oddities all of me
this is a slow ride to a long walk with death
through a desert where my ego’s all i got left
let’s take some steps