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casey veggies – dreams (outro) lyrics


customized greatly

it’s hard to figure out your dreams
cause later that thing won’t be as cool as it seems
how can you throw it when you pulling the seems
wu-tang clan n-gg-s wanting the c.r.e.a.m
but really dudes wanting to dream
but people dream high while you wanting these things
and you might not get it
cause when the world drops, man i might i drop with it
now people are afraid to not be fitted
i can care less but that shit is me
it’s like spelling my name without the c
a-s-e-y and oh yes, he’s fly
some people live fast but most of ’em die
some people tell the truth but most of ’em lie
like why am i even writing this to you
when they here man, what would they do
might love it, might step on it like shoes
keeping secrets, always erasing the clues
and i don’t even like facing you fools
get confused and that’s what the obstacles do
but you gon’ have to overcome your obstacles dude
just freeze like a popsicle do
[?] a kid to perfection
i took all my notes without the lecture
double text shit, my swag is too quick
[?] on me like toothpicks
i’m too sick, i’m deli
one bullet hit two licks
two hundred dollar sneakers, i could shoe flick
yeah, made sure that the team was ready
got an italian girl, make a mean spaghetti
i’m about the green and fetti
i drop the red, blue, white, and green confetti
you cool or lame what? you lame f-ck
we balling on you mid-town lamers
spit your best shit, i got the best shit
and when it comes to up and coming, i’m on the next list
and when i start recording, the shit gets hectic
yes, no more favors
so when we talking business homie, what is your wager?
hit me on the kick or the pager
i burn through *sss* like lasers
i’m smooth like a paver
we lay down rules on this paper
a n-gg- in the dark with the flashlight
so i’m in the light with all black, right?
truly this is me, i don’t act tight
and i tell dime girls just to act right
in vegas we had fun that night
they fiend for my mixtape like a crack pipe
to cut steak, we used b-tter knife
straight up, i rap for the realness
and i write shit, god blessed me with the illness
used to call me ray cause i always k!ll shit
i was kind of hungry so i picked the meal
got a deal, next day i made a mil
that’s two combinations paid and real
the gun to his cranium, made in his will
[?] laid in heels
[?] we’ll be sicker than syphilis, no h-m-
my n-gg-s ain’t tickling it
dudes be bleeding and cripping it
i write a verse in the [?]
[?] wack, we do a [?]
take a number, i speak water and thunder
and most of y’all don’t want the electricity
and love’s what they ain’t giving me
it ain’t much of a crime like a misdemeanor
success is what i’m visioning
peas n carrots on my tee shirts
a n-gg- third on the list
sidekick notes [?] bursting with hits like, like, like
(it’s like that n-gg-)

yeah, i would like to thank god, customized greatly, mom, dad, [?], damon, ill plus, j sean, corey, priceless, peas n carrots, hypebeast, f2d, we major, uncle dave, [?] what’s good, isaiah, josh, corey, darren, k smoov, sup starion, what’s good my ni-, everybody who showed love, whoever supports, musical chicken grill, ape thelonius, james, chad, mike, myspace, mich-lle, anwar carrots (what’s up my n-gg-), dame, josh peas, mookie, the love anybody showed, apple garage band, all my [?] homies, all the homies man, everybody, everybody tryna make it, every rapper tryna make it, every producer tryna make it, every record label, every street wear clothing line, tyler, the creator what’s good man, [?], every girl i ever talked to, every dude i ever hated, that ever hated on me, every song i ever listened to, [?] cl-ss of ’07, chris, austin, jay, marcus, nico, everybody man. buy the mixtape, listen to the mixtape, enjoy the mixtape, it’s coming. one love. peace