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casey veggies – harder, better, faster, stronger lyrics


casey veggies
daft punk
casey veggies
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

she bad, badder than ever
skin smooth as leather, soft as a feather
and it’s cold, she’s hot as the weather
whether or not she got makeup on
girl can i take you home
cause i don’t feel like talking on the phone
telling my homies can leave me alone
i’m tryna vibe with her
[?] like woah
“what your name is?” they call me casey veggies
like yo [?]
one on one, yo i lisa lesley
it’s n-body except me
love is where you led me
[?] pay so much
i buy lois v for the brady bunch
and make your jaw drop
keep your face in touch
i pay you no more
no, no more chasing stuff
i [?] stuff
i know you [?] stuff
give me your number, stop erasing stuff

yo, and this is a workout
you girl, you can get worked out
y’all two, it can be worked out
[?] crazy as it ever was or at least to me
[?] f-ck a visa fee
i just want y’all speak to me
but please just speak up
i’m hot as a pee touch
y’all greedy, just need stuff
i’m hungry, d-mn the heat up
y’all get scared when i turn the heat up
i’m the truth, why would i wanna lie?
y’all taking all my free time like a summer job
i can even say what i want
but i [?] face when i want
[?] facing every month
ain’t that real world challenge
face me and you’ll get challenged
face it and lose your balance
fall on your -ss
look for the vision, don’t follow the past
i been first, never fall in last
last for this month

n-gg- put a little daft in his punk
put a little, little alcohol with his pump
like my sister would say [?]
and til this day i don’t always get shit my way
working harder, tip your barber
buy your outfits and going out shit, just weird as h-ll
you never make a n-gg- if you fear the smell
just feel the feeling, close your eyes
i’m just healing
i’m tryna get out
it won’t come now, gotta spit out
just vibe with this
all my n-gg-s get fly with this
i realize i’m too fly [?]

girls can’t jump that high
you don’t want that guy
that guy
and reason why because i’m that dude
i’m that dude
i’m that dude
i’m that dude

to your mind, to your soul
pause, you on hold
that’s cause i’m so cold
i’m so cold
i’m so cold
but it’s time to warm up

now i’m on fire, higher than skier
and i believe i’mm flier
why do i say that so much?

face down and nose up
b-lls down and clothes off
bye, bye, now we closed up

casey veggies
casey veggies
casey veggies
casey veggies
casey veggies
yeah, let that run out
just dance to this
just dance to this
just dance to this
casey veggies
they call me casey veggies
they call me casey veggies

everybody customized greatly
casey veggies
casey veggies
just playin’ around with it

going down with it
when i come around, it’s going down
it’s going down
it’s going down

just let it ride out
just let that ride out