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casey veggies – networking lyrics


[verse 1]
where you at homie? i’m on the grind
[?] n-gg-, i’m tryna shine
wait your turn homeboy, just stand in line
knowing everybody at the stores and retail
file transfers and we sending e-mails
and i ain’t even trying to get into details
walking by myself and i leave with your female
my myspace messages got a lot of fan mail
writing down rhymes while i’m talking on my handheld
but i ain’t tryna give you more than i can tell
and i prefer everything to be fresh
my slogan should be “clothes where he fresh”
and out of most of these emcees see best
and i’ma give you customized greatly, none less
hold on, stay calm, open your eyes
ring all alarms, ring all alarms

i’m just tryna get my shine on, you know
just like everybody else
i’m networking, you know what i mean
i don’t know why you can’t understand that
i’m just tryna do me, you feel me
yeah, sending e-mails
i just sent that producer a message, hope he sends me some beats or something
i’m grinding, feel me
just tryna record as much as i can, that’s it
see what you n-gg-s talking bout, of
i’m out

[verse 2]
they ask me “when is volume 2 gon’ drop?”
i tell ’em “when i think of the best shit ever”
get 21 of the best songs and put them together
then read it to the world homie, i call it my letter
ralph lauren polo is what i’m calling my sweater
they ask “are you doing this forreal?”
i said “you better”
me and my n-gg-s gon’ be rolling in that benz truck, yes sir
the first to [?] wasn’t right so i had to next her
you better than me, i tell ’em i can’t let ya
looking pretty cute so i x her
and on my mama, i’ma find that gold treasure
i told my mama i’ma get my shit together
i’m colder than the weather, i’m hotter than the sun
i’m everything homie, just pick the best one
yo, just pick me, i will complete the task
and i’m feeling it so much that i’m [?] my swag
i won’t stop until i put that gucci in the back
and i’m walking out the store and i’m popping all the tags
as of right now, i’m just networking
might get some management
so we could be managing the whole industry
i swear to god i’ma make it [?]
me and [?] got so much history
cv dta til i dc
man some of them sidecats can’t even see me
i’m just tryna stay clean, i ain’t matching my clothes
but my pockets stay green
i’m just tryna kick back
i ain’t worried bout no clubs, clubs
and they call it networking cause i’m tryna get a buzz, b-tch

la i know you see me
inglewood, what it do?
cv in the place to be