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casey veggies – odd lyrics


yeah, ace the creator
customized greatly

[verse 1]
oh, turn the volume up
you still talking that m-ss & volume stuff
it ain’t a test to me
y’all n-gg-s ain’t even heard the best of me
got you going like ecstasy
uh, yeah
it’s case-eezy and it ain’t easy being me-eezy
i mess with the yeezy and the jeezy
and oh yeah, the weezy
left me right where, where you leave me
i got it all, it’s no need to tease me
i’m coming in the game, you n-gg-s ain’t even see me
told you my lines and you didn’t even believe me
and i’m a book come and read me
i’m blood, come bleed me
slip straight to 90’s, get off of my sleezy
yeah, because the haters always acting up
and i’m attacking ya, never back it up

[verse 2]
first song get oh boy’d
now all the girls like “oh boy, oh boy”
and i don’t wanna hear that weak shit no more
and i’m coming to a store near you
n-gg- why would i fear you?
you can’t tell me nothing, i didn’t hear you
i’m riding from night til the next day
maybe balling spent 50 on the coat sway, no way
(yo, because)

[verse 3]
it’s only one way up so i ain’t going down
they around know i’m around when i come around
yung joc because it’s going down
from [?] and first to supreme
all these n-gg-s know the kid stay clean
custom, why you think my momma named me casey?
so i can change into it
rap with me, i was [?] into it
i’ma get signed cause ye can do it
the moment i put the pen to the paper
i’ma keep moving, going through and through it
weatherman 3,000 [?]
now casey playing chess with monopoly
ain’t no n-gg- stopping he
[?] kid, n-gg- what you supposed to be
bubbly flows and that i’m toastin’ he
[?] in the ground, yeah i’m growin’ deep
on my mind yeah, i flow when i sleep
and i keep going until i hear that beat beep
[?] just creep creep
whenever i take nothing, fake n-gg-s always tryna take something
yeah, i’ma lay low, my time will come
keep writing til my hands is numb
vegas trips [?] fun
why compete when it’s already won
call me daddy n-gg-, you are my son
shoot for the stars, she is my gun
she’s so bomb, i call her a bad one
see casey gucci k!ller figure
[?] sbs and nike maxes
arm & hammer and axes
yeah, i’m fresher than air itself
and if i had anymore swag, i would scare myself
and i dare myself to own it all
and all you fake n-gg-s known to fall
at age fourteen, i’m known to ball
i’m too priceless, even if the crew didn’t exist
y’all would swag jack me if i dress like kriss kross
and all these lil mommas loving my kisses, no lipgloss

yeah, yeah
tyler, the creator
ace, the creator
customized greatly
(keep it goin’)