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casey veggies – so so rapper lyrics


yeah uh
live from the 310
get your hands in the sky
casey v in the house
(ayo dj turn my headphones up)
get your hands up
get your hands up
make some motherf-ckin’ noise
get your hands up

[verse 1]
i put my verse on it, k!lled it so bad
like i was first on it, i tried make it happen
it wouldn’t work for me, and they don’t know but rapping
a lot of work homie
so def jam and sony, act like you know me
don’t worry bout them rappers that came before me
cause they ain’t even ready
i was born ready like fish and spaghetti
them cats getting beheaded, yeah i cut ’em off
i had enough of y’all, i’m with halle berry chilling
yeah, call me monsters ball
i monster ball, yeah go hard
she saying my road dark
i can k!ll your whole crew with half the shit i wrote dog
shout out obama
i’m young and i get it done
your mom might just want a sponsor
i celebrate more than y’all, call my life kwanza
look out for the super 3 joint, it’s an anthem

flow like [?]
you say i’m so-so
but i am after
any gold out there
yeah, homie they tell me it ain’t fair
i’m so young and i’m so ahead

[verse 2]
tell me where the bread at
tell me why they hating on me
tell me where y’all head at
yeah, i do have a girl
she give me the head that make me learn
call me [?] veggies, all beats getting burned
call me young god, [?] heads must be turned
[?] so fast it got to take its turn

so don’t turn the page
let’s go homie
let’s go homie
let’s go homie
let’s go homie