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casey veggies – the cool lyrics


straight forward, no hooks
it’s like this, yuh

i’m glad i found this
took off, until now i’m grounded
positive, i’m so surrounded
casey on the announcements
mixtape coming, go ahead and announce it
i want to be a superstar, mama
gucci pants and fancy cars, mama
me and my n-gg-s buying out bars, mama
living life no comas, straight through
mary jane the only one i need to bring through
and when the money comes trust me, i’ma take you
and god can’t put me to my faith too
and all the wifies, i never hate you
always love [?], never replace you
n-gg-s stalking my swag but i can’t erase you
iller than ill
[?] chicks loving the pills
and i’m above heels
but icy girls loving them chills
i give them every time they see me
throw your cd out the window like i would do [?]
you fake posers, i hit ’em in their noses
until i see blood all over their clothes-es
i keep going, tight pants but you n-gg-s ain’t know it
graduated now my shit growing
y’all in the wrong space me and my n-gg-s towing
where you going?
wanna be’s get on their knees, no h-m-
we go where the dough go
they on us like lil wayne flows though
skateboard kicked and push, like the dojo
y’all n-gg-s know though
you can’t tell me nothing like a fourteen year old, it’s k west
i’m not serious with it but i can hang with their best
[?] n-gg- but it stay test
you n-gg-s losers like paid sex and i’m a paid bet
and i’m waiting to re-up
when it comes to [?]
[?] up, getting my cheese up
so my closest and baller status can speed up
and in life, b-ms don’t care
and everybody from some where
the birds and the benz and the wheels and the snares
will keep all of them out your hair
i’m in apartment but the penthouse [?]
and the mansions won’t even listen
and everybody spittin’, they got me still tippin’
and these [?] flippin’, my silk jeans zippin’
n-gg- my swag is so pimpin’