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casisdead – line ova line lyrics


[intro: manni d]
yo, and it’s propa p in this, it’s nothing
get me
myself manni d, big up castro, phoenix, kyzer, badger, shane
it’s nothing long, get me
f-cking come to duppy your riddim

[verse: manni d]
(and it’s, and it’s, and it’s, and it’s)
and it’s badboy manni, run up in your crib with a bally
grab the cash then carry
shank your gally, bust out your front door and breeze down the alley
it’s not one of them ones where you think i’m your pally
but if you’re not propa, you’re not my pally
no one else who wait, it’s just manni
no one else who wait, it’s just me
listen, the 2000 and me
how can you slew me, you don’t make no p
and if you touch mic one more time, i’ll cut down your whole family tree
not tryna be like n-body else, i am real in the scene, it’s me
f-cking up any mc is easy
the sight of [?] will make a boy go queasy

[verse 2: cas]
see i rep for the double p
we cut c-ke with speed
so we make double the p
used to shot weed on a w3
now i move b from the heart of t to nw3
i’ve got the fresh food, double your key
in the glovebox there’s half a b
don’t care if the babylon are after me
in tottenham, see a vectra
it’s a dci
that’s detective chief inspector joesph the dci
better be on your toes he’s a greasy guy
one time him and officer 666 chased man from heat 96
breezed all the way to the m6
hit gear 6
all got home before 6

[verse 3: manni d]
so man get shook on my arrival
when i p-ss you, everybody turn heads like cycle
you don’t wanna try get eaten like trifle
you don’t wanna die, stand out like the eifel
yeah i’m an eyeful
get licked down from a awkward angle with a rifle
you don’t want a rival
like selling for us is just straight suicidal
bare ps we’re stacking
bare of your boys we’re shanking
na blud we’re not ramping
c from t just stamp him out
shed man, clap him
in a bodybag, phoenix, wrap him
brap, brap yeah we’re all champing
used to be a badas, what happened

[verse 4: cas]
i’m number one like petr cech
if you didn’t know then you better check
i’m ghanaian, i’m not a czech
i’ll speak in twi if you’ve got to check
what, mic check
out to the females that know how to bounce like a dodgy cheque
suck so good you’ll get a dodgy neck
get sent up west with my dodgy cheps
if your boyfriend sends me a dodgy text
then he’s got to dodge these texts
man’s not f-ckery, i won’t blow off his head, i’ll just dislodge his neck
best thing, tell him to watch his step
if he don’t want a war then cotch instead
i’ll put the heckler and koch to his head
no need for his necklace and watch, he’s dead

[verse 5: manni d]
can’t roll me like playdough
and you better recognise i don’t play though
and your girl’s texting me like play though
and if her man says f-ck me, say no
and when you see me you best just stay low
or trust me i’ll change your face [?]
everybody knows i’m the new [?]
[?] you can’t face
when i come round please don’t give me face though
bought the new crep and the new lace
adidas jacket and jeans i’ve got taste for
and i’ve got talent to feed my own waist
if you wanna swing it out, what you say
so i draw for the b-tterfly, stick it in your waist
that’s again, no i’m not a waste [?]
what a waste [?] say nothing to my face

[verse 6: cas]
pick up my big bits from ess-x, i..
roll up in a corsa, sxi
when i spit i don’t use no fx, i’m
always on point like the fedex guy, guy
10 times better than the next guy
got you antic-p-ting my next line
look, i don’t wanna hear your next lies
so just kick out man, i might let it slide
yeah, i don’t need no exercise
i ride low in the peugeot xsi
i’ve got [?] two thirds pestaside
i’ve got a bag with c-ke and x aside
f-ck 10 out of 10
mine’s leng out of leng
your’s can’t sell next to mine
i’m with pops and he’s got his next to mine
hey wait a sec, that’s my line..

[verse 7: manni d]
can’t tell us nothing when we flip out
b-tterfly knife will just flick out
empty the clip out
lungs, guts, rip out
oi blud bust out
don’t wanna see the n-gg-s come out
so go in
don’t wanna see the gats blowing
touch down in your ends like it was snowing
how can you come round without me knowing
are you dumb blud? no diss (d-diss)
can’t tell me nothing your a boffin
b-tterfly knife will just stop him
open the coffin
arms, necks, drop him
if he tries a ting, rock him
phoenix rock him
i’m from here, repping
you don’t wanna see me stepping
i’ll smash your head in
f-ck it bring the tech in
and look now he’s bootlegging
when i touch mic you know i have to come first
man’s just waiting to burst
but you come fifth
who cares where you’re repping, everybody best spread when i bust my 9
age 16 and i’m neckle-ing bare guys on the roadside, i’m not even on a hype
and if it’s one of them ones where you send for me, you’ll be lucky if i keep you alive
i’ll neckle any mc that comes in my path
neck me? having a laugh
you wanna have a chance, rude boy not half
if there’s arms, i’ll spray up the dance in seconds
watch where you’re stepping, everybody best spread when i bust my weapon
all the sh-t that i’ve done in my life, i’ve got a little feeling i won’t go heaven