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casisdead – old bars [footsie beat] lyrics


oi, why the f-ck are you trying face, suit up
my food kinda brave, i’m #1
in your drum, grab you son
stick him in the microwave, i gotta gun
so please try behave i’m having none
bullets, i ain’t tryna save none
that’s a hot six all in your lung
crush your crew like a tidal wave, you get bun
get you in the china rave, you get stung
shot like a pile of grade, that ain’t fun
stack when you try to evade, i ain’t dumb
from north up top like the premeirship
for my plate there’s no membership
my contracts crow your apprentership
still make dough shotting of peng and shit
you might see me on the roads it’s, cas
when you see me you’re like “there’s, cas”
they wanna be me and be like, cas
but they got ain’t gas
so they ain’t like, cas
you might see me in the bits it’s, cas
move big bits in the bits it’s, cas
i’m up north like tits it’s, cas
no i’m not brash
no i’m cas, cas, cas
castro from t, i rep pp and that’s
never had to discrete me with the gp about pp and that’s that
never had a slk, or a gt and that’s that
never learned eel and joe was food g …