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casisdead – rock right now lyrics


blud it’s like, that’s all the cats be saying
phone up my phone all times of the night
chatting about they want a rock right now you know
like i must cater to their every need
it’s like you’ll get your rock when i turn up
slow down, it’s on my terms yeah
swear down

[verse 1]
7am, when you’re eating your coco pops
i’m still on the block selling c-ke and rocks
and i’m being observed by the local cops
man the roads are hot
just like the words that come out my vocal box
so come direct if you want the box or i box
use your intellect
so i take my 3350 and us two disconnect
i don’t usually deal with po’ had to get introduced to his connect
then i go link my next connect
a mexican [?] with the white chocolate gateau
i raise the p so line up a quarter key

yeah man, quarter key of that flake
get me, it’s gotta be the best, gotta be the best all the time
it’s gotta be that reemer, ya get me, that-that-that-that pure shit
uncut, swear down that peruvian bruv

[verse 2]
i don’t move with a snake
i move with that ounce of peruvian flake
best recipe for the cake
add a touch of vanilla when it’s time to bake
stop boasting, you’re fake
i’m two steps ahead any move that you make
whip it thick like a macd’s shake
serve it up, watch the crack feems shake
watch their jaws lock up, but i make sure i watch what he takes
i run when i see them put on the brakes
don’t wanna get put in the back of the car and so it’s a high-speed chase
but you don’t get two takes
if you slip you get put behind bars where your only mates and your inmates

[interlude 2]
swear down it’s like more times than not
if i’m in a whip and i’ve got this food on me, i end up getting chased
it’s mental, like the jakes are just on me
them pigs blud, them pigs just like…mad

[verse 3]
i’m tryna get away from a vectra, that’s being whipped by a pig
and i’m driving like the stig
tryna get off the high road and dump my stick
thank god my engine’s pigged
when you think that the peddle tends to stick
the way i whip
206 or mazda 6
cas has the bricks
since 2006
see i started to move with the 6
and the [?]’s in the 606
i was with p6 in the ’06
pumping 36 on the m6
breeze past the first 6 of his hits
meet lucy in the v6
tried to shot me a box 36
and i’m pissed

i’m not even on point, i am not on it bruv
i swear down, lucy what is with these extortionate fees bruv
get me, man’s supposed to be fam man, how you..
36, come on, that’s mental
come man, it’s me man, it’s castro st bruv
castro saint man, i’m in propa p y’kno