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casketgarden – unwinged lyrics


soaring with wings of innocence i saw the earth’s
this 3rd spit of the sun from above seemed like a
teardrop in a black ocean…
…a teardrop of pure emotion

you made me unwinged
separated from my spine and grinded
yoke instead feathers
but this falling made me sober

from closer world’s beauty became disgust as i watched
the man’s slow swarming
indifference, jealousy, despise, greed, extortion made
the human virus unfolding


my wings -your trophy
you’re bursting with pride
my pain – your proof
that you’re always right

but to tell the truth i really don’t care
you are something i’m not
my soul flies without these wings
as i crawl on the ground till my fingers bleed

facing the human coldness i resolved to find the
missing part of mine
who stands the smell filled the lungs of mine

[chorus x2]