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cassidy – blood pressure lyrics


(feat. swizz beatz)

[chorus – swizz beatz]
my blood pressure’s buildin’ [4x]
it’s c-ssidy trick
it’s c-ssidy b-tch
it’s c-ssidy clique
it’s c-ssidy beeyatch!

[verse 1 – c-ssidy]
ayo, what’chu know ’bout this world i’m in
everynight i twist up and get drunk ’til i hurl again
then i’ll pour some more and start twirlin’ then
and might go and get my pipes up by your girl and them
if you a thug, stop girlin’ then
if i see a car in traffic, i’m a jacket like burlington
it’s c-ssidy, who’s thorough as him, n-body
i keep a gun tucked cause i don’t trust n-body
i got plenty biscuits
and ya’ll n-gg-z like skinny b-tches yall ain’t got n-bodies
watch how you talk to me man
before you f-ggots get smacked with the dark skin part of my hand

[repeat chorus]

[verse 2]
i’m the best in building, a prospect destined for millions
threat to civillians and my blood pressure is building
catch feelings? you be wet, catchin’ a steel in
weapons directed, at ya’ chest, neck and ya’ grill and
still, there’s no regrets, but i confessed that i kill men
i spill men’s blood on the rug next to there children
and if you wan’ set it? c-ss’ bettin’ his deal in
yes i will win, when i spill extra appealin’
come to limekill, we got them exstasy pills and
got the whip fully equiped except for the ceilin’
i got a stash in it, the smith-n-wessun can chill in
i might get arressted, but until then?

[repeat chorus]

[verse 3]
if i hear you gettin’ chips, pitbulls where you sleepin’
everybody on the f-ckin’ floor, i’m squeezin’
click the four, grip your wh-r- by her weave and
b-tch, what m-th-f-ckin’ drawer is the keys in?
got you on your knees like a braud and you pleadin’
(uh, you got it dog, take it all, i don’t need it)
i’ll clap you and have you on your carpet, bleedin’
throw your stuff in the trunk of the ford then i’m leavin
now i got a raw load more than i’m needin
and that’s the reason, why you and wh-r- is screamin’
pull this, squeezed then if you holdin’ them hammers
i’m focused like disposable cameras, n-gg-!

[repeat chorus until end]