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cassidy welsh – what will you do when diarrhea strikes? lyrics


what will you do when diarrhea strikes?
they say that it can happen anytime and anyplace
i’ll tell you what i’ll do when diarrhea strikes
i’ll shit my brains out upon a f-ggot-slave’s face

[verse 1]
my stomach ain’t a fan of lactose
so after my big -ss breaks your backbone
i’m ridin’ your broken spine straight into the bathroom
i know it takes some grits
but we all get the shits
and that includes you ’cause i only feed you cat-food
so toughen up and be a man and take my shit right in your throat
if you refuse my -ss’s gift then swear to christ, it’s all she wrote
not only is your gut gettin’ flattened by my rump
but you’ll be doin’ much more than a-eatin’ my dump
your c-cksuckin’–ss face is going right into the toilet
a flashback to high-school when your -ss gets a swirlie
you’ve gotten f-cked up enough to know my -ss ain’t girly
i’m gross as all h-ll, fartin’, shittin’, and pissin’
the toilet seat’s a tough target and i always wind up missin’
that’s okay, your -ss is there to lick up the seat
you’re smart enough to follow orders, ’cause if not you get beat!
alright, so that’s not true, your -ss is gettin’ kicked anyway
but, n-gg-, my -ss is so fine, that i’d consider it a getaway
best booty on the godd-mn earth, f-g, that’s what many say
so you can take it like a big boy, i know that i’m a heavyweight


[fart sounds]