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cassino – acrobat lyrics


her dress hangs like honey
off her shoulders and across her back
her skin is glittering
her eyes like stained gl-ss
that slip is a scalpel
in a chapel of broken hits
it carves or it fixes
but it always makes a mess

my love was drug home
by barbarians of debt
she says i was never
an acrobat of men

i was baptized in moonlight
the rays barely lengthened my limbs
your songs are silhouettes
a parade of broken vets
and the ground’s grown so soft
as i fish on the river i rent
it’s so hard to stay up right
so i wade back through the stench
and swim

and i scoured the hillsides
for heaven hiding from h-ll
and i found not one noun
for they both were adjectives

and my love was drug home
by barbarians of debt
their chains i remember
the pain i can’t forget