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cassper nyovest – back to back lyrics


i say allow me to re-introduce myself
my name is c-ssper, i’m a young nigga from the streets
dumb niggas say i came up because of beef
hood niggas listen to my songs every week
they say every single line gives them hope to believe
that their dreams in their reach
so every single time
i perform in the hood, they don’t clap, they say, “preach”
nigga i wouldn’t come out with a scratch on my sleeve
even if you attacked him asleep
it’s a fact i’m a beast, i just laugh at these gs
tryna compare themselves to c-ss, i’m like “please
ain’t no man in my league”
i took 24 awards at the age of 24
with one alb-m, when will you understand that you’re weak?
compared to me, don’t act like you don’t see him
i’m droppin’ cl-ssics like kids at a museum
i work my -ss off but some days it’s carpe diem
and i’ma cop a bentley the day you cop a bm
steroke, you already know who the man is
and if it’s not clear, come and see me at the mansion
and chance is, you might find bad b-tches dancin’
ignore ’em my nigga, let’s get straight to the action
azishe tsotsi, now that i have your attention
let me show you why i always floss like a dentist
i came a long way, i used to distribute pamphlets
so ain’t no way in hell i won’t act outlandish
this year’s for my gangsters, we made it way up
and i ain’t lost a battle since day one
i choose to keep it humble, like “eish tjo kea yizama”
but everybody knows i done f-cked the game up
nigga i’m major, nah i’m really major, you should check the stats
even on stage i bring the hits out back to back
i’m in the stu’ every day tryna perfect the craft
i know beech got me, i never need to check the cash

futhi lyza
just gettin’ warmed up
but i’ma leave you here for now
i’m hungry, man let’s go have some lunch or somethin’
let’s go to paris, let’s do somethin’, man
c-ssper nyovest, represent south african hip hop