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catharsis – heart of the world lyrics


[mission, pushkina]

falcon and mortal blade –
sky-blue steel of deadly weapon
these are your magic charm from the distant worlds.

you call hounds fast as death
warming you when night is freezing
they are brave, they can talk the tongue of the wolves –

[bridge i, ii]
you’re the heart of the world!

[chorus i, ii]
die and yet come alive anew,
kill your faith, yet it stays with you –
here in you
beats the heart of the world!

doubts and rage and disdain,
your happiness and hatred –
that big heart beats along with your life and pain.

steely clatter again
fills the endless stars and planets…
falcon will pray for rain to wash your wounds…

[bridge iii]
fear and pain, love and joy
in your heart of the world!

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