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caucasian crusaders – fear us lyrics


[intro: dxxn]
song by lil pxlm
dxxn, and k33
lets go

[verse 1: lil pxlm]
my mind
your girl is on my mind
so sweet, so kind, i lied
they call me lil pxlm
when i’m rappin i’m so calm
album with no song
waiting so long
for an album in the summer
i’m not tryna diss
but it’ll be a bummer
you might need a plumber
mouth so clogged
put you in the gutter
spread your blood like b-tter
you dont think i can
white vans, call me dan
hollister with my vans
nineteen pairs
you’re short
you’re broke, take the bus

[chorus: lil pxlm]
you better
you better
you better fear us
you better
you better, you better

[verse 2: k33]
fear us, when i drop these bars you go delirious
your bars are a joke like the joker “why so serious?”
imma spit this fire cause the situations dire
you liars and cryers no buys you guys are just tryers
when i step up in the building you know imma rip it
you can’t even fit it, or get it, we spit it, and lit it, and rap it, and k!ll it
our rhymes are so ill that there is no cure
take a knife to beats throats slit it called a m-ssacre
if you try to come back you’ll be sorry that you tried
step up to the crusaders you’ll be stripped of your pride
try to come up to me i’ll shove you backward
if that is the case then i’ll show you the backdoor
crusaders and i yeah we don’t mess around
the victory bell is what we’re gonna sound

[chorus: lil pxlm and k33]
you better
you better fear us
you better
you better, you better

[verse 3: dxxn]
we comin like the tomb raiders
take a shovel, dig your grave, all of you are haters
all i do is flex
business man at 15, yeah im countin checks
gotta vision
gotta dream
gotta gotta do this for my team
gotta be the man
do this for my fam
forgive me to my fans
roast you cause i can
but wes you’re not the man