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​causifye – ​lyk lyrics


[intro: causifye, causifye & vazclare]
“causifye! causifye!”
yeah, i know you can’t trust me now
baby i’m done smoking on that loud
turn the lights out, i’ll make it right
shine now, you’ll shine real bright
k!ll me, they want me dead now, yeah
hit my line
yeah baby we’ll be fine
i hit you with a test back but you didn’t reply

[verse 1: causifye]
why do you hate me?
hey, i don’t understand it
when i treat it, you right
you just left me to die
when i leave i’ll let you know
i’m on my way, i’m outside
i shouldn’t have let you go
i can’t do that to you
but i should go find a new hoe

[verse 2: vazclare & causifye]
i know i f+cked up again (oh yeah)
baby it ain’t hard to pretend (yeah)
i plan to stay with you ’till the end (’till the end)
turning a lover into just a friend (just a friend)
but you (but you) gotta lose that attitude (because)
i’m special for you (ooh) (yeah, yeah)
[verse 3: tana]
i know i messed up the first time
baby that’s why you gave me a hard time
i know it was the wrong time
i know you could feel it down your spine
i had to let you go (go)
girl i had to let you know (let you know)
i had to let you go (go)
girl i had to let you know (let you know)

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