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caution – check freestyle (meek mill) lyrics


[verse 1]
okay i k!ll it like a beast, now tell me do we have a problem?
niggas they be talkin’, only want what we can solve em’
make it fall like autumn
put em in the coffin
i spit the flow that make yo’ body shake, no harlem
hop up in the studio, i gotta get to snappin’
cause i’m comin’ out the cut, so i gotta get to stabbin’
they say “life is a movie” but i’m not about that actin
but of all the movie types you know i’m all about that action

i’mma boss
i’mma boss
so when you see me nigga, please hold yo applause
still a youngin’ that was runnin’ through them halls, muhf-cker
there’s levels to this shit, you lookin’ small muhf-cker

[verse 2]
oh yeah, got the people feelin’ good
middle finger to the haters, man i wish a nigga would
tryna bring me down but i won’t move freely
these things happen like i’m b-mpin g-eazy
tryna (?) down but i’m tryna stack this lettuce
cause they say that money talks, and i’m tryin to be redundant
this music is my world, you gone need your p-ssports but-
shawty could still take my login, no p-sswords
hop up on the beat, you know i got that supa’ dilla flow
that means every beat i touch is goin’ down six below
rappers want a feature cause i’m hot, i need a water hose
i listen to they songs and be like “d-mn my nigga what’re those!”
d-mn my nigga what’re those!
d-mn sucka what’re those?
…dog, what are those?