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cavin – to myself (snippet) lyrics


[verse 1 : cavin]
i’m not lettting my emotions spill
i guess i’m supposed to tell you how i feel
nothing is going right for everybody else
i can’t believe that i am unleashed, jet li’s wealth
i’m new to everything in the world of nothing
this is supposed to be the land of the free with opportunity
i never see the realization, cause i want to live in californication
i want to see the world, but i can’t if i have a lot to unfurl
i guess people want something dumbed down
i guess everything shouldn’t have a positive message now
but f-ck it, i’mma do it anyway cause these kids need a better way to think about it
i’m talking about the world
kunta kinte, took his roots and he escaped
i think, i never really seen the show
all i know is that everyone talk about him cause that’s all they know
i should p-ss this to someone else
or keep it to myself
i don’t know probably steph this song
or keep everything in till i get along
i never really felt this strong
i got a gameplan
i think if i do this right, then it’d be the promised land
some think i should stop rapping
cause they can’t believe that this is happening
i don’t need your opinion
i know how to get my music right and it’s through suspicion