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cayucas – big winter jacket lyrics


[verse 1]
in your big winter jacket
rain boots covered in mud
on your older sister’s [?]
’95 air max jordans
baseball card in the spokes
sweatpants and soaking wet ski gloves
and you knew there’d be vultures
wolves in and around
underneath the darkness closing in from every corner
and the rain pours down
too afraid to look over your shoulder
casted shadows from beneath the stairs
and it’s seems that there’s no explanation
breathing heavy, you’re frightened, you’re scared
there are ropes attached to hinges that were latched above the door
and it opened once the wheels began rolling down the floor
and it lifted up slowly as the weight began to drop
left you hanging by your ankles at the very, very top

you hatched out a plan
it was written in the pages of your notebook
step by step instructions that you folded up and kept in a box
but you never, never
but you never forgot

[verse 2]
gung ho
all the way down to 31st
and by the fraternities
through the halls of hickey gym
and [?] was the college auditorium
from your bedroom you would hear the drummer drum
when the band began to play
there were raffles and consolation prizes