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ceec the seraph – kiwi lyrics


all yall motha f-kas better run
you better run, im coming for everything
im coming to destroy everything
i ain’t playin, what the f-ck you think this is?
testing, testing..

cc i go et on a yacht smokin sea weed;
coconut water’s and;
i was bored; ouija
so i moved to fiji now im eating pineapples and
drinking rum, coconut water and umm

dont play games baby, please just please
best believe throw the kitty kat at me;
ill have that pussy creamin, screamin
eat me
i am an alien, im not coming down for shit
i dont think ill ever land unless its an island
like giligan right then; look at the pelican fly
iii dipped off in spaceship did the race free tay k
two wraiths one with gold paint; one with chrome
paint the license plate say “you see the stars”
curse that day; they got me driving dirty with the hazards
on out of state, thank the lord beat the case, f-ck the law;
keep a million in the safe just in case i slip and catch another case
i been on the low tryna play it safe smokin weight no moe runnin
plays everything is great thru the frames of cc’s ray banz i see dead people, gucci snake skin, cc chiefin og every evening with b-tches late night creepin; im a heathen i got demons in my..
my legion is full of legends im sent from heaven with blessings;
thc straight to the face im not stressing, money stretching;
like an athlete you get it? b-tch i made the pyramids im a martian
i got the spirit of anunnaki inside my dna;
i’m saying,” el lil cc is a hybrid human being.” x3

cc i go et on a yacht smokin sea weed;
coconut water’s and
kiwi. x6