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ceeingee – f.l.o.w lyrics


[verse 1]
the bigger the gat, the greater the shot you have, take the aim befo you pull tha trigger
k!ll a god d-mn n-gg-, put down your gun if you are a p-ssy cause you won’t know how to use one
people i knew didn’t really get my flow, they didn’t really get my lyrics
i am raw like a dogs paw when it’s cut from a gl-ss from outside
i am a top dawg, i’ll bring in the beats that is fresh from producers from all over the world, even the us
sh-t, who you foolin’ if you think my sh-t is so d-mn p-ss
you’ll see what will happen to ya, a gat on ya brain before i shoot tha bullet and make ya know it
sh-t to know when you have no attention span, your brain got taken out and fried in my fryin’ pan
i am just like peter pan, i never grow up
girls i knew grew up ages ago, sh-t
i am known to be blown ya cover
go in a newsagent store, hold it up and demand loads of money before the cops arrive at the scene
shoot everyone there, even the cashier in her late teen
run out and shoot the cops, blow up the cars and vans
shoot the siren, make it sound weird like it’s on acid, i rap on acid but i don’t do acid rap
trippy trap beats, i am a trippy slapper
i’ll slap ya with my backhand, you get a backhander
i am all about the f.l.o.w
this is what i’m all about yo
i’m all about the f.l.o.w
[verse 2]
some other rappers claim that i don’t have a flow, i have
i just hide it, disguise it
if you wanna know how to do that, come to me, find me and i’ll show ya
demonstrate it to ya, after it you’ll be the best rapper than your city has ever heard
i am the best glesga rapper that has entered the scene, k!llin’ a rap fiend
droppin’ f bombs on ya speakers
speak ya mind, i do that
the police don’t like that, they’ll f-ck ya up when you express yourself
the law is the law but there’s so stupid ones, ones that should not even been law
i’m tha best rapper people have ever met and saw
put ya head in a microwave and cook it at 20 degrees, i think that is the higher mines goes
i am all about the f.l.o.w
this is what i’m all about yo
i’m all about the f.l.o.w
[verse 3]
i’ve never asked anyone to ever be my friend, to wear the latest rap trend
i’ll put it in mind that f-ckers will be k!lled wit a gun i am gonna buy
guns in the uk costs a lot, well
the last time i checked, it was a lot
i just wanted to smoke pot while i shoot up a street like scarface
cut to tha chase, and say h-llo to my little friend
sh-t out bricks, throw it into store windows, can you even sh-t bricks, i bet you can if you eat cement
then the store lights went, backstabbers move to london and kent
they move away from glasgow cause the shootin’, it’s like a maniac goin’ into a school with a ak automatic
house tv’s turn into static, ain’t it f-ckin’ fantastic
i am all about the f.l.o.w
this is what i’m all about yo
i’m all about the f.l.o.w