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ceo lil kenny – first day out lyrics


say you want to see me never seen me
i’ll get him hit up for no reason
tell the truth n-gg- want to meet me
plus your b-tch nice as h-ll & she freaky
vvs diamonds match with this chrome
he left the spot and he didn’t go home
my robbers they riding until the morn
a message from hot we kick sh-t on phones
i ain’t never sleeping when its beefing
duke he leave you leaking for no reason
mane them goons thirsty leave you squeaking
i pull up with 100 rounds at the precint

they treat me like a king in here
ain’t got to do a thing in here
goons want even let me swing in here
police dont search me for my thing in here
n-gg- try the team in here,it be a murder scene in here

once again and yeah im fresh up out of jail
try to squeeze on me i’ll never tell
i ain’t never went to school got exspelled
try to squeeze on me send your -ss to h-ll
young mob military im the mayor
mip young kee you in my prayers
plus i got this hammer & ill nail ya
come & place your order i’ll mail ya
say you want to see me never seen me
you’ll never see me you like stevie
just wait till the summer when things get heated
and we ride down your block but we not speeding