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cereal records – come up lyrics


[intro: hunaveli + ygf savage + og daddy alex]
you are now listening to cereal records
gang gang
gang shit, you already know
come up shit

[verse 1: king j]
yea, we on the f-cking come up
if you ain’t with us, then shut the f-ck up
me and my n-gg-s, we finna blow up
cereal records, yea we f-cking coming up
aye, tryna get this money up, aye
but the police f-cking with us, aye
any b-tches with us
you f-cking her up
aye, no b-tch say
we gon’ have b-tch’s pussy wetter than a lake
aye, yea, we 30 round gang
we still with your b-tch, and she can’t f-cking hang

[verse 2: ygf savage]
we on the f-cking come up
i’m back from the ill shit
three tours in a year, yea that’s a field though
murderer in the booth, cause i k!ll shit, yo
your girl will feel will smith, real shit
me and my n-gg-s we k!ll shit
i mean, who do you know that’s been grinding like i do?
i mean i’ve been rapping since way before high school
me and my n-gg-s, we pimpin’ these b-tches
we’ll slaughter your b-tch like we was in high school
she can give d-ck, like a flubber
wet a n-gg- up, like he fresh out the shower
jd spitting fire like bowser
motherf-cker like wowzer
god d-mn

[verse 3: og daddy alex]
shit man
this motherf-cking ah
gang (squad shit)
b-tch you out here tryna f-cking grind
and you know i’m on that come up shit all the f-cking time
i ain’t got shit but, money out my f-cking mind
and you know we out here getting these nickels and dimes
man, i’m tired of pussy n-gg-s acting tough
when i f-cked your b-tch from the back, it was rough
tired of these n-gg-s acting like real savages
but when they get beat up they need bandages
n-gg-s out here tryna flex on us
and when we come up, they ain’t got shit on us
tired of n-gg-s acting like straight b-tches
if you keep tricking, you gon’ need them stitches
uh, tryna get rich and look for riches
and n-gg-s all around us be snitching
why these n-gg-s tryna hate on us?
when we get famous, leave ’em in the dust

[verse 4: hunaveli]
we out here
gang, squad
gang shit
coming up, summing up
meet us there, get up there
you a clown, make them frowns
i’mma make it, i’mma take it, make it rain
it’s insane, get the shit, get the d-ck
f-cking flips, outta here, seven rounds, with the sound
n-gg-s all around, get it down, explain, obtain, f-cking in vain
we on the come up, n-gg-s don’t shut up
told ’em we gon’ make it but the n-gg-s didn’t take it
ain’t gonna fake it
here to prove the we’re f-cking going through
then to make it simple, me and the squad gonna make it!