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cereal records – lil something lyrics


[intro: og daddy alex]
cereal records shit
30 round gang
it is the kid, og daddy alex
out here, had to drop a single real quick
me and my bros coming up
tryna get famous, tryna get rich
i don’t care about the hoes, i don’t care about the riches
just wanna get this money
tryna grind and grind, me and my n-gg- luxe up in this b-tch
gang shit

[verse 1: og daddy alex]
ah b-tch i’m fire
and guarantee i am no liar
you want it, it stink
man that shit smell like it’s expired
these rappers food, and it’s just gon’ be me and my bros
we hit the party up, asking where the f-ck the hoes
my n-gg- b stone will take your b-tch and take a tote
you a b-tch -ss witch -ss n-gg- with them wack clothes
i told your pussy -ss to run and then you started b-tchin’
said if i keep messing around then you gon’ start the snitchin’
if i catch you on my field again i’mma get to thumpin’
you pussy, you don’t want this fade, it ain’t nothin’
i took your b-tch, and she gon’ start to get suckin’
she came from western to gv so she could get the f-ckin’
my n-gg- br, he a little broke too g
and all our people ’cause my gramps i’m coming up quickly
wish you was here today to see this shit i’m doing
and all these hating -ss n-gg-s, man these n-gg-s stupid
and i’m done rapping, done with my f-cking flow
it’s og daddy alex the kid, bye bye, it’s time to go