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cfcharles – deny the powers lyrics


well, you’ll understand

rolling my eyes in
faith is a toxin
i, who i wanna be
the man in question
under sedation
void of all notion
of lioneness controlling his seed
free from correction
not influenced and
sharing refractions of his dna
fear not what breaks
fear not what breaks
the individual’s required to:

deny the powers
deny the powers
deny the powers
deny the powers

if within one night
you dream enough
you’ll find that life is unconditional
no human can
unless possessed
deny a living void of holiness


numbers not working
these calculations
they don’t make them like they used to anymore
sought affirmation
beyond redemption
i am the skeletal sounds of the –

if eyes like mine don’t cease
to dream when i’m awake
aligned, i extend my hand
i stand so i amend