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cgfs – gibberish lyrics


[verse 1: cgfs]
yo so listen i’m sick and i’m lit (lit)
i’ve risen and i sway that this shit is legit (ligit)
i’ve resurrected the record so i could flex on yo b-tch (b-tch)
ill be next on yo b-tch
try sex on yo b-tch
when you see im texting yo b-tch
when you see im next to your b-tch

yo when i hop in the game
i be k!lling every single individual
struck by lightning and turned into a criminal
these thugs stay fighting while i be staying literal
i leave you in a stage that is critical
i’m young but still ultimate
carved a knife just to stab you in your esophagus
i break your cartilage
rip thru your bones then fade in the fogginess
watching as the cops come in
but i have no consequence
slaughter all you rappers who think that you the awesomest
i k!ll you wicked spitting rappers with confidence
and somehow i still remain anonymous
it’s the apocalypse calling from a stage that is monstrous
bitting with the force of a 10,000 foot hippopotamus
i’m an optimistic with the consciousness of optimus
who’s been demolishing
while i stay positive in this godlessness bottomless pit
you told me to flame them well i already did (did)
i stay rapping madness just demolishing sins (sins)
and start talking about the obnoxiousness that follows these kids (kids)
im preposterous but gotta be it (it)
ill hack the pentagon like anonymous cause a nuclear apocalypse b-tch (b-tch)

[verse 2: cgfs]
so listen here
i’m ahead of my time like i missed a year
on my crib you can look at the wall and read that yo b-tch was here
and your girl on my line like a fish hook
im this good
while you over there sounding like you got your bars from a kids book
you’re probably stuck there in poverty
honestly you cannot step to this
your girl texted then sent me her residence
and when i came in she treated me like a president
and im not on that rapper shoot yo house up like the mafia
i’m on that b-tch you better check that thermometer i’m a fire spitting carnivore
an omnivore
and i’m the kid your b-tch always call at 4 wow
i’m maleficent
the game well i’ve been k!lling it
you can’t be as ill as this
you’re a puppet and i’m the ventriloquist