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chacky yen – goodbye lyrics


[verse 1]
i know you will never forgive me for the words i said the last night
i never knew that was the last fight
i was just angry for the words i never get right
i was just conquered by my ego , i didn’t think you were d-mn right
now i can only regret , about the fact that you are not here
to listen this apology , which i know i don’t deserve
d-mn , i was just holding your hand walking down that curve
and now i’m just standing in front of your grave
holding these flowers in my hand trying to be brave
i could have protect you , when he stabbed that dagger in your back
i could have taken you to that hospital ,down the next the block
but i was mourning there , seeing your body and that stabber running
i was just reminiscing that every single time i ever said its not working
now its not working , and here i guess i don’t even deserve standing

sorry that
i let you down
last time
good bye !

[verse 2]
well , i dont’t know then you were right and i was wrong
i never listened to you then , and now this pain is lifelong
and i deserve it , all these pain i cannot imagine you always felt it and never said it
i always acted like i was better, but i forgot that you are the only one who matter
no one is better , no one is right or wrong , its always this togetherness that makes us strong
to fight with every situation , whether its right or wrong
now i could just sit alone , and stare at my phone
to swipe those pictures smiling , and letting me feel i’m not alone
to regret about the fact , that i wasn’t that strong
to get that b-st-rd , who stabbed you just for a single purse
or i could just be a better guy, so that i shouldn’t have to live with this remorse

sorry that
i let you down
last time
good bye !